Automatic Content Screening in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include almost all features that can keep your website secure from direct hacker attaches content abusing, spaming content word voilations Term content screening used for a process to automatically match each word written by user in (comments, posts, and other areas) with words set by administrator as abusive. It matched, script automatically take action on it. There are two types of actions supported by video starter kit Screen (this will highlight
Secure Streaming Implementation in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit and ASP.NET YuClone Video Portal both allows you to upload, publish, manage and stream videos and audio files online. As video and audio streaming is the most important part of any video hosting, storing applications. In most cases you need to protect your streams to prevent unauthorized access, download of your videos to avoid Unncessesary consuming your server bandwidth Sensitivity of your stream files Paid contents to avoid access and share with unauthorized us