ASP.NET Media Handler Pro
It's a utility component written in c# that works mainly as ffmpeg wrapper for direct and background processing of ffmpeg commands within .net applications including, mvc, win applications and more. It works with almost every revision of ffmpeg builds. However we recommend to download latest windows ffmpeg build from For more information about this product, check resources below i: Product Home Page ii: Documentation iii: C# Exa
ASP.NET Media Sharing Script
ASP.NET Media Sharing script is a combination of four core sections built under ASP.NET Video Starter Kit which can help you to build professional, customizable, portable social media solution using, c# and as core platform. Core Features: Core features of media sharing script include Videos Audio Photos Albums Videos: Video section include all features that are required to build professional youtube style video storage, encoding, management and strea
Media Handler Pro - 2 Pass Encoding
Today we just enhanced ASP.NET Media Handler Pro script to support 2 pass video encoding. Media Handler Pro supported version 5.9 or later. The following two commands (pass 1, pass 2) as shown below can be executed via media handler pro component $ ffmpeg -i input.avi -pass 1 -an output.mp4$ ffmpeg -i input.avi -pass 2 -ab 128k -y output.mp4 Example code to execute above command to publish mp4 video MediaHandler _mhandler = new MediaHandler(); string RootPath = HttpContext.Cur
Media Handler Pro with FFMPEG
FFMPEG is a cross platform for handling and processing any type of multimedia data. Media Handler Pro uses ffmpeg and other related open source utilities for pubilshing any format videos to another format, grab thumbs, post watermark, extract audio, set meta information, join or split videos, retrieve video information and all other advance processing in background. Media Handler Pro targets mostly, c# and products but its free extended utility is also available f
MySQL Stored Procedures for MediaSoftPro Products.
We provide various web starter kit products including ASP.NET Video Starter Kit, ASP.NET vPhoto Kit, ASP.NET Video Portal and more. Each of these product include hundreds of basic and advance features to make it a complete portable, customizable and scalable solution. Each of these products support various database management systems including SQL SERVER MySQL Each of these products uses various data access technologies to process data between application business layers and da