ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Configurations
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit features can be configured from two areas. i: web.config file ii: control panel Web.Config File From web.config file you can set various settings that can apply on whole application. Main settings include i: App Settings url : complete url of domain (default "/") matchurl : complete url of comain (must be fully qualified url not "/") -> used in rare areas where url validation needed. SiteTheme : default (united) -> set default theme for website. Member_
ASP.NET jMedia Configuration Guide
[url=]ASP.NET jMedia[/url] includes 1000+ features, scripts, utilities and reusable components.  To get proper benefit from all these features and effectively keep control on it, it provide comprehensive configuration section which provide more than 300 types of configurations. These configurations can help you customize the output, adjust settings on the fly without making changes internally within code. [b] Configurations are grouped into
ASP.NET jMedia Installation Guide
ASP.NET MVC Portal has been built using visual studio 2015 with mvc 5 template. Installation and usage of this product is almost similar to installation and deployment of any mvc 5 solution. Steps: 1: Create new database in SQL SERVER (Recommended to use SQL SERVER 2012 or later). For older please read this post 2: Run solution via visual studio 2015 (download community edition if not there) 3: open web.config file and adjust connection string 4: setup domain url and email s
ASP.NET jMedia Technical Guide Section
This section will group all useful technical guides and articles for almost all features available in [url=]ASP.NET MVC Video Portal [/url]. There are more than 1000+ features, utilities and reusable components in this product. Guide List [url=]Installation[/url] | [url=]Video Demo[/ur
ASP.NET Media Handler Pro
It's a utility component written in c# that works mainly as ffmpeg wrapper for direct and background processing of ffmpeg commands within .net applications including, mvc, win applications and more. It works with almost every revision of ffmpeg builds. However we recommend to download latest windows ffmpeg build from For more information about this product, check resources below i: Product Home Page ii: Documentation iii: C# Exa
ASP.NET Media Sharing Script
ASP.NET Media Sharing script is a combination of four core sections built under ASP.NET Video Starter Kit which can help you to build professional, customizable, portable social media solution using, c# and as core platform. Core Features: Core features of media sharing script include Videos Audio Photos Albums Videos: Video section include all features that are required to build professional youtube style video storage, encoding, management and strea
ASP.NET MVC Video Uploading and Publishing Script.
JUGNOON Video Uploading & Publishing script for ASP.NET MVC allows developers to implement advance real time video uploading, publishing, cloud storage and saving video data in database just by integrating easy to use script in your ASP.NET MVC projects. it can allow you to upload, publish and manage unlimited number of videos at a time but videos to be published in sequential mode one by one to avoid overload on server. Main features of Jugnoon Video Uploader too includes. uploa
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Bandwidth Throttling
Bandwidth Throttling is the ability to restrict maximum allowable bandwidth to certain limit in order to avoid unnecessary consumming your server bandwidths by high speed networks that may attempt DOS attack. There are lots of other benefits of restricting stream bandwidths to certain including Set different maximum bandwidth restrictions based on normal user and paid user.  Save your bandwidth from unnecessary streams on high networks. Prevent your server from deadlock, memory leak,
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Social Media & Content Sharing Application
The term "Video Starter Kit" refers to this application is due to the fact that it actually extended from video application developed in 2007 for targetting video application development for platform. However its now emerg as complete solution with more than 18 core sections and more than one thousand basic and advance features togather can be used as a full flege feature rich social media and content sharing website. Key core sections include Videos Audio Photos Albums (Vid
ASP.NET vPhoto Kit Application
ASP.NET vPhoto Kit can help you build great photos hosting, sharing solution for your existing solution or as an standalong solution using web form or mvc projects. It can be easily extended to support any type of photos related need including integrate photos feature for real estate, classified, ecommerce, deal listing or any other related solutions. make beautiful photo sharing application wallpaper hosting solution integrate with blogs for great photo experience make
ASP.NET vUploader Script 8.0
ASP.NET vUploader script is the most advance ajax video uploading and publishing script written using, c# and that allow user and site administrator to upload unlimited videos at once via ajax uploader, publish all videos one after another in background, displaying publishing status via progress bar in real time send all published video information (source filename, published filename, duration, duration in seconds and more) of each video at the end to server site scrip
ASP.NET YuClone Script
ASP.NET Yuclone is a complete professional, light, portable, responsive, customizable video sharing script written in, c# and using latest web form and mvc technologies. It can be used as stand alone video hosting, sharing and streaming application or can be used in existing website with variety of ways including Integrating video solution with existing classified, ecommerce, deal listing and other social networking sites. Can act as complete video hosting solution Can act a
Automatic Content Screening in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit include almost all features that can keep your website secure from direct hacker attaches content abusing, spaming content word voilations Term content screening used for a process to automatically match each word written by user in (comments, posts, and other areas) with words set by administrator as abusive. It matched, script automatically take action on it. There are two types of actions supported by video starter kit Screen (this will highlight
Installation Guide of ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Installation Guide: Installation is straightforward and required normal steps for running application. Prerequisites: In order to run application properly please make sure these extension must be installed on your IIS web server. Installation Steps: Create database with any name Execute script located in database folder on newly created database. (note: script is builtin supported for SQL SERVER 2012) for lower