You can purchase ASP.NET MVC solutions here.

We provide two types of purchase packages based on requirements of customers. Fixed rate with complete source code for developers who can work in code, customize it and publish online) and monthly subscriptions for people you have lack of technical expertise, just pay monthly we will manage everything from design to enhancements, management and running website while you keep controlling your customers and visitors without worrying for maintainance headache.

Fixed Price Products

These are products suitable for developers or individuals who have working experience in mvc project managment, configuration, customization and deployment.

Fixed price products include complete source code with solution project so that you can directly open it in visual studio, customize it, build and publish it online

List of fixed price products include

Monthly Subscription Packages

If you want to setup enterprise solution without headache of maintainance, configuration and management support. Then we provide monthly subscription packages.

All you need to choose..

  • Which core components want to be in your solution. Whether you need only video portal or need, photos, audio, groups, q&a, polls, classified, forum, blog and more
  • You have the option to choose any premium template, we will freely setup everything for you.
  • You have to provide server or hosting where to setup everything or we will do it too but will have to pay additionally for server, hosting cost.