Today we released our most advanced and improved social media and content sharing (ASP.NET Video Portal) with hundreds of improvements, enhancements and additions of new features. It has been written in pure mvc 5 (c#) with entity framework 6.

What's New in ASP.NET Video Portal 11:

Core main improvements in video portal 11 includes

Poll has been added as core new part of solution that extends the existing supported sections (Videos, Audio, Albums, Photos, Groups, QA, Audio, Wiki etc).
          100% pure MVC Built with introduction of Entity Framewok 6 as ORM / Data Access Layer
          Improved video publishing module

Today we released more stable and advance version of video suite.

Main changes include

i: More than 10 premium responsive templates plugins available
ii: Fully customizable templates
iii: More stable with hundreds of improvements
iv: Advance cloud support for media storage and streaming
v: Pure ASP.NET MVC built
vi: and hundreds of more improvements.

Sample Preview:

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit is a complete social media and content sharing solution with hundreds of features that can help you build highly scalable, cloud ready highly scalable solution on the fly that took years of effort to build.

This topic will provide complete list of core features available in ASP.NET Video Starter Kit or Jmedia Kit.

I: General Features:
I: Bootstrap 3 compatible themes supported
2: Compatibility with more than 10 premium templates
3: Category Management (to manage unlimited categories for different types of contents
3: Tags Management (to manage unlimited tag clouds for different contents
4: Multi Language Support
5: Advance gamification script to enhance social interaction and fun within your application
6: Toggle on / off all core functionality
7: Full featured control panel
8: Advance configuration section in contro...

Today we set unique name to our enterprise social media and content sharing solution called as "jMedia" where character 'J' represent our product code name "JUGNOON"

Previously it was called with broad term that create problem for us and for our customers while inquiring about this product.

Now jMedia currently available in ASP.NET MVC , C# and VB.NET Version with database compatibility with both MS SQL 2008 or later and MySQL

We are planning to release jMedia solution in PHP Laravel, Wordpress and Ruby on Rail soon.


We also added separate section in our Forum section for discussion of jMedia core solution and all child products come under its scope.


We appreciate feedback for making our product more useful.

After two years of effort, at last we released mvc version of ASP.NET Video Starter Kit .

It targets latest mvc 5 with all core features required for building highly feature rich, fully customizable, professional social media and content sharing application.

For more detail about this product visit ASP.NET MVC

We just released latest version of video uploader compatible with mvc projects. It can be easily integrated in your existing mvc project to upload unlimited no of videos, publish it one by one, manage published videos in cloud and save information in database .

For complete documentation please visit


We developed advance gamification application with all basic and advance features that can allow developers to integrate it within their existing php or (MVC or web form) solutions easily.

It covers almost all features required for building great gamification solution which includes

Badges System
Rewards Management System
Level Management
Points & Credits Management
Packages Management
Events Management

For more detail check live demo

ASP.NET MVC Gamify Documentation

ASP.NET Gamify Web Form Documentation

After more than one year with thousands of improvements, fixes and design modification atlast we released video starter kit version 8.0 today. This version targets same core features but refined from every aspect.

Design Improvements:

Introduced lighter, latest bootstrap 3.20 compatible control panel and front themes.
Replacement of app_themes folder with direct css usage to make it faster and use theme style sheets more efficiently.
Refined complete project user interface with bootstrap 3.20 compatible interface to make look and feel and html layout more cleaner.
More refined and responsive listings and image display.
and more

Video Streaming Improvements:

Introducing advance http script to progressively stream videos via html5 / flash player.

Today we announced the release of extended version of media handler pro component free version. Now free version have almost all features and have no feature restrictions. You can freely use it in your unlimited no of applications, servers and domains.

You can download it from

Difference Between Free Version and Full Version of Media Handler Pro.

There is only one different between pro and free version as pro version can support background video and audio processing which will prevent any deadlock in your application while encoding large media files.

For more detail about pro version visit.

sample screenshot of comment posting script youtube style

ASP.NET Comment Posting Script is a complete professionally written script which allows you to implement advance youtube, facebook, blog style comment posting feature on your pages just by dragging user control on page and adjusting simple parameters.

It include all features which is required for a complete comment and discussion solution on page including.

Posting comment
Reply on comment
Vote up, vote down comment
Flag as spam, reporting
Remove comment
Display user profile thumb.

It support multiple style themes including

Youtube style
Facebook Style
Blog Style
Simple Style

It can be used on static pages or can be used on dynamic records like integrating with Q&A question or answer just like questions.

ASP.NET Comment Posting Script is part of all products including