ASP.NET Youtube Clone Free Version Released
Posted December 2, 2012 0:47 AM

We just released free version of video sharing & youtube clone script today under open source LGPL license.

It is a complete script with all basic and advance features which allow you to created highly profitable social media sharing web site in

You can download free version from

It includes almost all features available in pro version with some advance feature limitations. you can see detail about these limitation on

For help and discussion you can use the following forum.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 completely replaced video or audio publishing script with more reliable and advance encoding script based on newly developed video uploader and publisher engine.

New media encoding script allow you to set multi format (flv, mp4, webm, ogv), multi level (360p, 480p, 720p) youtube style video publishing mechanism by setting different settings within single encoding setting file.

Now you can easily setup your encoding routine to process source video to variety of ways including

convert source video to mp4 format,
convert source video to mp4, mp3 audio format.
convert source video to mp4, webm format
convert source video to mp4 (360p), mp4 (480p) format
convert source video to mp4 (360p),

ASP.NET Image Crawler Script.
Posted July 11, 2012 0:1 AM

ASP.NET Photo or Image Crawler Script is buitin part of video starter kit or photo sharing script, which is small image crawler script allow you to fetch images from any third party websites, download images, prepare images (generate mid or small thumbs), store images on your server or cloud storage, create photo albums and create blog posts from generated photos automatically in one step.

Main Features:


Crawl and fetch photos from almost every type of website or page which include photos.
Allow option to create new album or add fetched photos in existing album
Allow option to create blog post from list of fetched photos.
Allow options to choose ...

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit introduced advance facebook style groups and community management script which allows developer to build their own professional community portal or integrate community feature in existing website.

It include all features required to build professional facebook style complete community or group portal.

There are hundreds of feature available, main feature includes

Allow users to create group and manage groups.
Allow users to manage group contents.
Allow users to invite other members.
Join or leave groups.
Search within group contents.
Professional facebook style content sharing within group.
Allow flexibility to add almost every type of content within group.
Allow administrators to manage all groups, group members and contents.
Advance mail communication between group members, authors and admins.
and lots of more features.


ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 introduced advance professional photo uploader with ability to upload multiple photos at once, generate medium thumb, small thumb for different previews, store photos on local or cloud storage and photo information in database and generate professional photo album preview.

List of core features available in video starter kit 7.0 photo uploader.

Support upload multiple photos at once.
Generate mid thumb and small thumb for blog or listing preview.
Store photos locally or on cloud storage, amazon s3 builtin supported.
Allow updating muliple photo information in facebook style.
Allow creating album, storing photos in new album or existing albums.
Allow uploading photos to groups.
Allow generating facebook style photo uploading activity.
And lots more.

Video Demo

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.0 introduced advance video uploader which is more faster, lighter, reliable and have ability to process multiple videos at once. 

The following core features available in new video uploader.


Completely rewritten from scratch to upload and publish videos more fastly and reliably.
Use newly written professional video processing, thumb grabbing and information parsing script with ability to support multi format (mp4, wmv, flv, webm, ogv, mp3 etc), multi level (360p, 480p etc) publishing at once from single video. more detail
Support storing videos locally or on cloud storage. Builtin support for amazone s3.
Support streaming videos directly from cloud, builtin support for amazon cloudfront streaming (adobe flash streaming server supported)
Support ability to grab multiple thumbs from...

We just released video starter kit after more than year of effort to make it lighter, faster and more scalable.

We have added lots of new features, addition of new core sections and added hundreds of improvements in almost every section, module or features within video starter kit solution. 

It is now fully compatible with next generation user interface development tools (Jquery + Twitter Bootstrap)

For more information, visit category listing script allows developer to create professional category listings, separate listing for different types of content (click here for detail) and provide ability to group related categories into single units within each type of content.

There are situations where you need to group related categories into single unit even for same type of contents. e.g you need to split car photo categories into smaller unites with related behaviours like

Auto Maker (Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes etc)

Vehicle Style (Convertible, Coupe, Sedan, SUV)

Vehicle Types (Hybrid, Diesel, Budget, Luxury, Racing, Police)

Auto Shows (Geneva, Paris, New York etc)

Enthusiast (Antique Cars, Exotic Cars etc)

ASP.NET Category Listing Script support creating category listing for almost every type of needs. (simple listing, navigation links and menus, advance directory listings).

There are scenarios where you need to manage categories separately for different contents. e.g you need to create separate category listing for photos, videos, classified, forums, blogs etc.

In order to manage categories separetly for different types of contents, category listing script provide a property "Type" through which you can

Create new type (register it within type dropdown in category management and assign unique id e.g 0 -> videos)
Create directory and assign type e.g for video category (0 -> videos)
At time of generating script, use type=0 to load only those categories assigned with value (Type=0 -> videos)

With iPhone OS 3 update came the ability to do live streaming. There are a few types of streaming and each requires a certain encoding and segmentation. In this example i am building stream using media handler pro, open source ffmpeg and segmenter utility.


i: media handler pro

ii: open source ffmpeg utility

iii: segmenter


Publish video to iphone device

Supported Settings For Iphone

The supported bitrates for streaming are: 100 Kbps to 1.6 Mbps

The suggested bitrates for streaming are*: Low – 96 Kbps video, 64 Kbps audio

Medium – 256 Kbps video, 64 Kbps audio

High – 800 Kbps video, 64 Kbps audio

The iPhone screen size is: 480×320

Suggested ffmpeg command for encoding iphone video
ffmpeg -i <in file> -f mpegts -acodec libmp3lame -ar 48000 -ab 64k -s 320×240 -vcodec libx264 -b 96k -flags +loop -cmp +chroma -partitions +parti4x4+partp8...