Pricing of Our Products Changed.
Posted August 11, 2014 0:37 AM

Today we made adjustements in prices of our products listed under purchase section.

Detail of changes listed below.

i: Price of ASP.NET YuClone Script reduced from $199 to $149 with the release of version 8.0

ii: Price of ASP.NET Media Sharing Script reduced from $399 to $249.

iii: Price of ASP.NET Video Starter Kit Enterprise Edition reduced from $499 to $399

iv: Price of All in One bundle increased from $599 to $699 by extending features and license of this product further more.

You can check latest prices of all of our products in purchase section.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 8.0 Released
Posted August 6, 2014 1:15 PM

After more than one year with thousands of improvements, fixes and design modification atlast we released video starter kit version 8.0 today. This version targets same core features but refined from every aspect.

Design Improvements:

Introduced lighter, latest bootstrap 3.20 compatible control panel and front themes.
Replacement of app_themes folder with direct css usage to make it faster and use theme style sheets more efficiently.
Refined complete project user interface with bootstrap 3.20 compatible interface to make look and feel and html layout more cleaner.
More refined and responsive listings and image display.
and more

Video Streaming Improvements:

Introducing advance http script to progressively stream videos via html5 / flash player.

Products Data Access Layer Extended
Posted August 2, 2014 1:5 PM

From first launched of ASP.NET Video Starter Kit we used ADO.NET as core data access technology for both SQL Server and MySql database management system. Now due to increasing popularity and emerging of new data access technologies we are extending support for two more data access techologies for our all web related products.

Now after version 8.0 of all our products, each product will support the following data access technologies but one at single project.

ADO.NET (web form project and along with connector for mysql database support). It doesn't support MVC projects
NHibernate (web form and MVC version)
Entity Framework 6.0 (web form and MVC version)

MediaSoftPro Site Extended
Posted August 2, 2014 0:2 AM

Today we released, newly extended version of our official website with new design and features.

List of changes done in our website

Replace design with latest twitter bootstrap 3.0 responsive design.
Implement latest own build video starter kit 8.0 features to extended, clean, fast and make more professional looks for various available features.
Introducing two new core sections for adding more ease to our customer for accessing various resources within our website.

Site Design Improvements:

We upgrade website design with bootstrap 3.2 compatible responsive them along with all other adjustments including

Link structure improvments
Adding social connectivity via our facebook, twitter, google plus and linkdin social accounts.
Improved articles, product documentation listing to be easily reachable to customers.

Integration of ASP...

New Services Launched with CodeName JUGNOON
Posted January 11, 2014 0:1 AM

Few months back, we just launched new services via codename JUGNOON to provider next generation, lighter version of products using latest web tools including jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, ASP.NET MVC and PHP.

JUGNOON Products and Services available on

JUGNOON Services will target products development in two core areas


ii: PHP

Both type of products will use latest front end tools

i: jQuery

ii: Angular JS

iii: Bootstrap.

All products and services released under JUGNOON will be available for purchase through market place.

We appreciate your feedbacks for making more useful products.

MediaSoft Pro Team.

Extended Services to PHP
Posted August 28, 2013 0:1 AM

We have just started extended our services from to php. 

Until now we released all products compatible only with, c#,, .net frameworks. 

Today we released our first free php utility script PHP Media Handler Pro for processing media files.

We will soon release our all products in php version along with utility scripts.

We appreciate feedbacks. 

Media Handler Pro Free Version Extended.
Posted April 19, 2013 0:12 AM

Today we announced the release of extended version of media handler pro component free version. Now free version have almost all features and have no feature restrictions. You can freely use it in your unlimited no of applications, servers and domains.

You can download it from

Difference Between Free Version and Full Version of Media Handler Pro.

There is only one different between pro and free version as pro version can support background video and audio processing which will prevent any deadlock in your application while encoding large media files.

For more detail about pro version visit.

ASP.NET Comment Posting Script
Posted December 12, 2012 0:10 AM
sample screenshot of comment posting script youtube style

ASP.NET Comment Posting Script is a complete professionally written script which allows you to implement advance youtube, facebook, blog style comment posting feature on your pages just by dragging user control on page and adjusting simple parameters.

It include all features which is required for a complete comment and discussion solution on page including.

Posting comment
Reply on comment
Vote up, vote down comment
Flag as spam, reporting
Remove comment
Display user profile thumb.

It support multiple style themes including

Youtube style
Facebook Style
Blog Style
Simple Style

It can be used on static pages or can be used on dynamic records like integrating with Q&A question or answer just like questions.

ASP.NET Comment Posting Script is part of all products including

Uploading and encoding videos and audio files from almost every video and audio format, generate highest possible quality output and make it streamable for the web is one of the most complex in web development effort. From first release 2007 we contineously working hard in highest priority on this areas and contineously improving our script to make this process fast, reliable, scalable and provide best possible results.

Until current release of video starter kit 7.1, we face tremendeous amount of challenges including.

Introducing new video formats and streaming concepts time to time starting journey from flash flv encoding and streaming now extended to diverse mp4, webm, m3u8 and other streaming formats with diverse approaches. 
Popularity of mobiles devices add more challenges for adopting strategies for better streaming ap...

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 7.1 Has Been Released!
Posted December 4, 2012 0:30 AM

Today we released more stable and improved version of video starter kit 7.1 which is a core product of all sub products (videos, audio, photos, forums, blogs, qa, groups etc).

In this release we mainly focussed on stabilizing all advance features added in version 7.0 and make it more lighter and scalable. List of main improvements done in version 7.1

Improved video and audio publishing logic to make it more stable, reliable and fix bugs found in previous version.
Upgrade twitter bootstrap with latest version.
Fix browse issues found while implementing twitter bootstrap.
Facebook wallpaper style user profile with ability for users to post on their own walls (internal contents and external link share like facebook). Can be easily extended to allow friends to post on your wall or profile.
Improved video and audio uploading by allow...