ASP.NET Category Listing & Management Script category listing script screenshot category listing & management script is a complete professional, reliable & complex script which allows developer to manage & generate any level and type of category listings using, c# and by using few line of codes.


Category listing is one of the most important part of almost every dynamic website. category listing script is written in such a way to be used for almost every type of category listing requirements (simple listings, navigation listings or advance directory structure listings). This will make it easier for developer to create reliable, fast and professional directory listing using, c# and

Main Features:

Main features of category listing includes

  • Support creating n-tier (parent - child) category management and listing.
  • Generate pure multi level ul li listing.
  • Support creating navigation listings and menu structure.
  • Support single column and multi column directory listings.
  • Support creating advance directory listings
  • Support restricting categories to certain limit (parents and childs within parents)
  • Support creating multiple type categories (e.g videos, photos, classified, directory listings)
  • Support grouping single type category into groups (e.g group photo categories separately for "vechical types", "vehicle style", "models" etc)
  • Support css customization of almost every part of listing.
  • Support category management (add, edit, delete categories).
  • Easier to customize url pattern for category links.
  • And lots of more advance options.

ASP.NET Category Listing Script Usage:

ASP.NET category listing & management script can be used in almost every application or website which include category listing & management including (real estate, classified listings, products management, deals, social networking, website directories and lots more)

  • Can generate any level of horizontal & vertical category navigations.
  • Can generate rich menus using jquery menu script.
  • Can generate any level of directory listings.

ASP.NET Category Listing User Control: